jueves, 30 de julio de 2009

The Veronicas - discografía

Esta es la discografía del duo australiano The Veronicas conformado por las hermanas gemelas Lisa Marie y Jessica Louise Origliasso.

The Secret Life Of... (2006):
4ever, Everything I'm Not, When It All Falls Apart, Revolution, Secret, Mouth Shut, Leave Me Alone, Speechless, Heavily Broken, I Could Get Used to This, Nobody Wins, Mother Mother

Hook Me Up (2008):
Untouched, Hook Me Up, This Is How It Feels, This Love, I Can't Stay Away, Take Me On The Floor, I Don't Wanna Wait, Popular, Revenge Is Sweeter [Than You Ever Were], Someone Wake Me Up, All I Have, In Another Life, Everything, Insomnia, Hollywood, Don't Say Goodbye

The Veronicas

video clip The Veronicas - 4ever

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